The type of yarn used is the magic of a fabric. Though insignificant in nature, a textile losses its class and beauty even if a single thread is missing. The quality of yarns used for knitting fabrics is all that matters when it comes to creating the best, colourful and long-lasting clothes.

Adwaith Naman interests in exploring different types of yarns to bring out the most gratifying fabrics with the responsibility of making our customers confident in their attire and fabric choice. Our versatility is showcased by the yarn types we process to meet your demands and likings. Yarns like the slub yarn, double yarn, hosiery yarn, compact yarn, and compact slub which are known for their strength and thickness are processed in our firm to make our fabrics durable and remarkable. If you are looking for yarns having great fiber length, we are here to assure you cost affordable carded yarns that are mostly used for coarse clothing. To invest change in our textile creations, we introduce you to a synthetic fabric made from Lycra yarn, used for the manufacture of super elastic body-hugging clothes. We create natural fabrics with the help of organic yarns in which harmless methods are employed for dyeing.